The Labeling of Genetically Engineered Foods Position Paper at World Food Conference

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It is the position of Team Water that genetically altered foods are a hazard to the environment, should be strongly regulated by the government, and should be labeled. The right of every human being on this planet to know what we are ingesting and feeding to our children should not be infringed upon. To have the manufacturers of these foods wanting to keep such valuable and important information off of the labels of the goods that they produce is very irresponsible. These genetically modified foods are still a relatively new technology and there has not been enough thorough testing done to determine unequivocally whether or not these products are safe for human consumption or for the environment .(1) There have been a number of …show more content…
It was only finally realized what happened because the victims had three common symptoms. This deadly genetically modified item was almost not discovered and may have been left on the market. Perhaps if it was labeled correctly, this could have been nipped in the bud sooner. Clearly labeled products are very important to the consumers. Especially if they have a specialized diet. They might want to pick out food items based on many things such as how the food was produced and whether or not it’s organic. Some might choose a diet enforced through religion. The Jewish faith states that all foods must be Kosher. Kosher foods are “pure”, and ensure fitness for consumption. An example of how genetically enhanced foods may effect the status of a Kosher food would be the “Frankenfish”. The Frankenfish is a salmon that was genetically enhanced by the addition of human growth hormone to increase the size and weight of the salmon. Eating this salmon would violate Jewish law.(4). If it does not clearly say on the packaging of the fish what enhancements have been made, how would anybody know? Some vegetarians eat fish. Would they want to eat salmon that has been modified with human growth hormone? They do not have a choice unless these products are properly labeled. Most important in the battle to

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