The Issue of Character in The United States Public Education System

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Introduction Over the past few decades, the need for character education programs in United States’ schools has been widely debated and become increasingly popular particularly at the elementary level. However, the root of character education in the United States extends back to Horace Mann in the 1840’s who advocated that “character development was as important as academics in American schools” (USDE, 2011, para. 1). In response to the more recent realization of the importance of character education, the U.S. Congress authorized the Partnerships in Character Education Program in 1994; and character education was re-emphasized again in 2001 in the No Child Left Behind Act (USDE, 2011). As a result of the U.S. Department of Education’s …show more content…
Yet despite decades of discussion and copious funding, it appears that little is known and thus evidenced about the effects of character education in schools, particularly at the high school level at this time.
Problem Statement & Hypothesis
With prolific copying, cheating, and plagiarism amongst students, especially high school students; in addition to the number of students who simply do assignments just to do them because they know they are getting a grade, as well as the general lack of character, integrity, and concern for others that students display, can character education programs be effective in not only helping to solve these problems, but help raise student achievement as well? How effective would the implementation of such programs be at the high school level? In addition, over the course of several years, would relations between the number of years a student participated in an effective character education program increase or decrease his/her achievement, or would there prove to be no relation at all regardless of the number of years?
The purpose of the research is to study what effect if any the implementation of a character education program has on high school student achievement. The research study will focus solely on character education implementation and student achievement in an effort to establish whether a direct correlation exists.
Research Methods
The correlational study will

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