The Internet's Role in the Communication Revolution Essay examples

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The Internet's Role in the Communication Revolution

When was the first time you used a computer? When was the first time you used the Internet? While the Internet has existed in some form or another for ten to twenty years, the Internet as we know it is only six to seven years old; most of the people who use it today had no clue it even existed less than a decade ago. Yet now the Internet has become an integral part of our daily lives. Many Americans cannot imagine life without a personal computer at home, much less at work. The Internet has led some people to become addicted to surfing the World Wide Web; these "Internet junkies" shun their outside lives in favor of sitting in front of a computer screen ten or twenty hours a day.
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Qualifiers are statements that limit the force of a claim, and rebuttals are conditions wherein claims could be countered. Although all three of these examples of discourse are textual media, each of them offers an interesting perspective on a variety of issues concerning Internet users. For this reason, it seems justifiable to accept all of these textual examples. The first Time Magazine article that will be discussed appeared in the December 12, 1994 issue. Entitled "Terror on the Internet"; it was written by Philip Elmer-DeWitt. It is important to note here that this article was the first to be published under the specifically designated heading: "Technology". This heading joined other weekly features such as "Movies", "Books", and "Music". Elmer-DeWitt offers the basic claim that the Internet is fragile and "vulnerable to attack". This is a broad statement to make about a network that was generating such a high level of excitement; this claim is all the more powerful when we realize the context in which it appears. This composition is Time Magazine's first regular article within its new "Technology" feature; millions of otherwise Internet-ignorant readers are getting their

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