The Importance of Higher Education Essay

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The world has advanced considerably through out the decades and the need for higher education has been on the rise. Education is treasured in all parts of the world especially in the United States. However, higher education costs have been rising dramatically throughout the years leaving people in the United States to wonder if higher education is really worth the cost or not. According to the IES National Center for Education Statistics the average cost of tuition in current dollars at all universities in the 1990-91 school year was $6,562, it nearly tripled to an average cost of $17,143 by the 2008-09 school year. [1] These statistics leave many questions in people’s minds and the biggest question is, if getting a diploma is actually …show more content…
Occupations that require higher levels of skills, like healthcare, are growing. Low skill jobs aren’t really disappearing, but they are shrinking, leaving more workers competing for these positions. The skill and knowledge requirements of most occupations are increasing, and people with only a high school diploma or less are not able to fill many of the jobs that the knowledge economy is in demand of. According to the authors of “Academically Adrift: Limited Learning on College Campuses” the author argues that college isn’t a good investment, because according to their studies 45 percent of students enrolled at a higher education institution make no improvements after two years in college in their writing ability, reasoning and critical thinking skills. Even worst the author argues that one out of three senior graduates had no improvements whatsoever in their writing and critical thinking skills than when they first arrived to college. [4] With these staggering statistics many people are beginning to wonder if higher education has been placed in the midst of a higher education bubble. What is an educational bubble? It means that the cost of a product is rising for no justifiable reason, based on nothing, but air. Looking a couple years back we have seen many bubbles that have burst and as a result they have came tumbling down an example is the Dotcom bubble burst in 2000 and more recently the housing bubble burst in 2007. The difference though between

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