The Impact of Music on Society Essays

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“Music gives a soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination and life to everything.” – Plato. Profound memories are often linked to listening to music many of which are latent; or unintended, even unrecognized until later in time. Then at that moment it is suddenly apparent the impact music actually has on life. Music has been vital to society essentially since the beginning of civilized existence, and has directly shaped life and the way people express themselves still today. From a sociological imagination point of view, which enables people to see relationships between events in their personal lives and in society. Three of the greatest impacts made are that of counter culture shaping, creation of new political …show more content…
An example: on the evening of February 9, in 1964, John Lennon (lead singer of The Beatles) – along with other band mates George Harrison, Ringo Star, and Paul McCartney took to the stage on The Ed Sullivan Show for their first time with their mop top haircuts and Edwardian matching suits, while more than seventy million people tuned in to see them and this was only the beginning. The Beatles aside from being incredible artists were also influential in politics and with humanitarian efforts all around the world. They were the first band to ever advocate an aid concert be put on for charity. George, in fact, came up with the idea. It seems that all profits would be donated to charity from their concert put on in Bangladesh in 1971. They were prevalent and first to ever initiate conversations with the press about anything other than music. They created a buzz when they spoke out or refused to elaborate about The Vietnam War, a war they did not feel like promoting in an interview they did in a second press conference in New York City in 1966.

Another rather influential and popular political icon musician is the legendary Bob Marley. Bob devoted his life to spreading a positive message to all through Reggae Music. One of his most important concerts was The One Love Peace Concert of 1978, Marley brought on stage the Prime Minister of Jamaica Michael Manley and Edward Seaga the leader of political oppression and asked they shake hands as he was always using his music

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