Essay about The Harm Abortion Causes to the Pregnant Mother

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Many individuals’ envision abortions in a negative light, when in fact, abortions is certain cases may be necessary to save the life of the mother. This emotional surgery may be hard for the mother to cope with, but may be life saving for the mother. Age limits should be placed on all abortions clinics throughout the United States. Abortion can be a costly surgery, have an emotional strain o the mother and cause harm to the young female’s body. Abortion can be devastating, but if it is the string between life and death, it should be put into play unless the mother says otherwise. According to statistics the average cost of a nonhospital abortion with local anesthesia was nearly $451 in 2009 ( A …show more content…
Not only is the cost of a abortion a major factor in boosting up the age limit on abortions, they should also consider the emotional strain it puts o the mother. The emotional effects of induced abortion can cause twenty-nine percent of women to suffer severe ad long-lasting emotional trauma (Planned Parenthood). They call this trauma “past-abortion trauma” or “post abortion syndrome” ( Though these phenomena’s are not recognized by the American Psychological Association or the American Psychiatric Association they hope these phenomena’s will gain wide credibility (Author: Jon Knowles, Revised by: Deborah Golub, published and updated January 8, 2007), ( Many women don’t plan on giving up their unborn child; it is something that must be done under certain circumstances. You should not abort an unborn child just because you do not want it. Everyone is brought into this world for one purpose or another. If you do not feel you can successfully take care of this child’s needs, give it to someone who under certain conditions cannot have children of their own. There are always other options, someone out there is looking for a child to bring into their home and raise them as if they were their own children. Throughout the pregnancy you will grow attached and learn to love the unborn child. This bond becomes

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