The Experimental Film, Fallen Angels Essays

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The Experimental Film, Fallen Angels

This experimental film makes use of a variety of camera shots to create a unique story that is at times funny, at times violent, and at times sad. It follows a man and a woman who are business partners; he is a hit man and she tells him the target. They are attracted to each other, but he does not want to start a relationship for fear it will destroy their business relationship. He finds another girl and in the end decides to end the business relationship because his partner can not get over him. He does, however, agree to one more job, where he ends up getting killed by his target. There is also a parallel story of a young man who earns money by annoying people and his relationship with his father
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While the movie is primarily filmed in color, the director makes use of black and white footage such as the first scene where we are introduced to the main two characters and their conflict. It is also used when the hit man’s girlfriend is in the bathroom with his jacket and when the hit man is in the bathroom before he attempts his final job. By changing the color, attention in brought to these scenes, making them stick out in the viewers mind. If we saw nothing but these black and white scenes, we would still get a basic sense of what the story is about because these scenes portray the characters at the point where their inner conflicts are most obvious to the viewer. This also applies to the bar scenes where we see the female partner longing for the hit man, but in her case there is a red tint over the film, which effectively highlights her conflict more so than that of the other characters.

Other interesting camera uses are the diagonal shots like in the opening sequence. Shots as if the camera were in the backseat looking through the front windshield with both the traffic visible as well as the eyes of the character in the rearview mirror occur in this film as well as other experimental films such as Cleo 5 to 7. Other street scenes appear as if they are slow motion sequences that occur quickly. In other words, the scenes are filmed in slow motion, but things still

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