The European Union Essay

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The European Union is a supranational government body that is, by definition, changing the traditional role of the nation state and sovereignty in Europe. This Union was formed voluntarily by states with similar goals and is unique in its conception and design to the European continent. Although The EU (European Union) is strengthening Europe economically and politically the states that form it have surrendered considerable amounts of their national sovereignty.

The meaning of sovereignty has evolved over time; however, today there are several clear characteristics that define the concept of sovereignty in relation to the nation state. A sovereign state is defined by its autonomy and independence from
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In addition to these bodies are the European Court of Justice and the Central Bank of Europe. Each state delegates certain amounts of power to the EU central government and thereby surrenders a portion of its sovereignty. As member states they have accepted to open their borders completely to travel and trade coming from within the Union. The majority of the member states have adopted a single currency that is managed and issued by the Central Bank of Europe. The Bank also manages monetary policy for these states. International trade guidelines for the Union’s members are decided on a European level. These are just some of the ways in which these countries have ceded portions of their sovereignty to the EU.

The ability to take such self-limiting steps is unique to Europe. Due to several factors that lie in the history of the European experience as well as certain conditions that existed in Europe during to twentieth century, the EU states were able and willing to commit to a supranational government structure whereas other states in other regions of the world could not and would not do so. The concept of European integration into one all encompassing force can be traced back to ancient Rome. The founders of the EU actually chose Rome as the location in which to sign its founding treaty in nineteen fifty-seven as well as the place where they hope the European Constitution will be ratified. Much like it’s Roman predecessor the EU has placed

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