The Effects of Video Games Essay

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The Effects of Video Games
Video games and its effects on adolescents and responsibility of parents is a topic that is widely debated whether it’s the parent’s responsibility or the game industry should be regulated. The video games industry itself has been available to consume for only about the last 30 years. With that being said the topic is still rather new in terms of its effects but its effects on children can currently be measured. The industry is very unique in terms of entertainment because players are transported into the game its self essentially becoming part of the script. Though many people see the negatives in playing video games there are positives. A recently published meta-analysis by Uttal in 2013 concluded that
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Looking at a different side other than a cognitive angle is gaming effects on a child’s self -motivation skills. With a study done in 2005 by Dweck and Molden children developed ideas about how smart they were or their capabilities and perceived that these were fixed traits (something that couldn’t be altered). But adolescents that were praised for the efforts (Your really smart! Keep up the good work!) Through the use of video games developed a new theory that intelligence is an malleable trait something that could be altered through the use of time and effort. This study shows that children are learning that you aren’t born with just a set range on how smart or what your abilities are its showing kids or adolescence that they can be who ever they want with a little bit of effort. Nevertheless in every argument there is another side to the picture. In a study by Craig A. Anderson, Ph.D., and Karen E. Dill, Ph.D. revealed that even a brief exposure to violent video games could temporarily increase aggressive behavior in all types of participants. The first study involved 227 college students who completed a measure of trait aggressiveness and reported their actual aggressive behaviors (delinquency) in the recent past. They also reported their video game playing habits. "We found that students who reported playing more violent video games in junior and high

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