The Effect of Full House on My Life Essay

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We all woke up late, but I just couldn’t face the first day of school without that perfect coif. So, we rushed through the morning eating breakfast and blow-drying my hair all at once, only to be exceedingly relieved when we discovered that I had afternoon class.

I feel very lucky to be able to compare my family to the Tanners. Although I have a mother, and certainly no Uncle Jessie, I have always seen similarities. Like D.J., I grew up in a very loving and supportive family. My parents always encouraged me to get a good education, and follow my dreams at the same time. My dad, who I sometimes call “Mr. Clean” behind his back, reminds me of Danny Tanner in more than a few ways. While similar facial features make the comparison nearly eerie, their mutual zest for a clean house is where it really hit’s home. Luckily, I’ve been spared many of the “Father-Daughter Talks” the Tanner girls were subjected to. I believe that this is only because my dad has worked hard to restrain himself. I identify with the girl’s strong connection to their father and I think, while much of that came naturally for my dad and I, I also tried to emulate them.

One specific example of how Full House affected my life was my growing need to be “grounded.” In my neighborhood, all of the girls were a bit older that me. A year or so, here and there, but the only real difference between them and me was that they were constantly being grounded. I had never been grounded and I thought
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