The Effect of Alcohol on Minors in our Society Essay

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Minors and Alcohol In this paper we will be discussing one of the very big and important problems that is “Minors and Alcohol”, and the effects of this on society and minors. In reality if we look at things this is the way we have begun to perceive things because a bigger and a better society needs people to be more open and they need to be more apt. They are the ones who have to look at the things and it is up to them to interpret the meanings of the things in the literal sense. If we start to believe that the people are going to dominate others and there are some who are very docile and innocuous and there are others who are good at governance and who are good at controlling things is that the good enough reason to allow them to do the …show more content…
The government and the NGOs and other respective organizations have been trying their level best to come up with ways that they may help in containing and restraining the use of alcohols and help the minors having DWI and MPI. But the sheer number of minors is so high that it needs a massive and foolproof plan that needs to create awareness and the sources of production need to be attack. It is all about the fact that there is no one who does not know about the cons of the usage of alcohol. Everyone knows that it is bad but it is the addiction which has sore to such levels that it needs the diversion of all the possible resources to help in the extermination of this evil from the society. Moreover the mafia and the groups that are responsible for the production and the distribution has contacts that are so extensive that they can get themselves to do anything and can get to any part of the world. They have access to that kind of money with which they can bribe people and they have their own puppets and dummies places on the high and powerful posts in the most secret circles of the government. They have many different business and legal businesses which are fully operational and they give a legit face to their businesses. They use these as interface to interact with the public and the drug

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