The Dramatic Nature of Act Three of Arthur Miller's The Crucible

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The Dramatic Nature of Act Three of Arthur Miller's The Crucible

Of the crucible.disscuss how the plays stage directions,

Speech, plot development and character actions or

Development contribute to the drama and tension

Of the act

The dramatic nature of act 3 in the crucible goes up and down, there are many ways in which the stage directions, speech, plot development and character development help to raise and lower the tension of the act. The writer shows how these things have an affect on the audience and how they feel about the play.

Act 3 starts with voices off stage, there is no visual. The audience can hear Hathorne, Martha Corey, Danforth and Giles. The tension rises as you
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Many things are mentioned like the poppet and the dancing in the woods, this part of the scene is just talking fairly calm until…

Mary is unable to faint on demand. Then the tension builds up even more as the men accuse Mary of making the news up (that the girls were telling lies) because of proctor. Then the stage directions show that Proctor is angry at the accusations.

"Proctor: (furious)(Page 83)

The audience now start thinking that proctor has a better chance of winning. The stage directions also tell the audience that when John sees a good opportunity he will take it eventually.

"Proctor: (taking it right up). The stage directions also show that Danforth is starting to doubt Abigail.

"Danforth: (turning worriedly to Abigail)

This also shows the audience that john has a better chance of winning, and most will suspect that the happy ending of the play will be in the courtroom. To back John case up after Abigail's petty excuses he confesses to adultery.

"Danforth: (blanched in horror turning to Abigail). Now the audience thinks there is a very good chance that John will win the case.

The tension then builds up even more when the girl's pretend Mary's spirit is attacking them, the fast pace also helps to build up the tension. The stage direction helps to show how angry Mary is when the girls are repeating on she is saying.

Mary: (screaming it out at

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