The Destruction of Bioterrorism Agents Essay

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Bioterrorism agents are potential pathogenic organisms or biological toxins that can produce death and disease in humans, plants or animals for terrorism purposes. These agents are usually microorganisms found in nature, but have been modified to increase their virulence and make them resistant to antibiotics or vaccines. To enhance the ability of these agents to be disseminated into the environment, terrorists find biological agents to be an alternative to conventional weapons because of their low cost and accessibility. Any attempted use fo bioterrorism agents whether a success or failure, could cause vast destruction of humanity along with disruption of society in general.
Bioterrorism has been around for much longer than most would
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Rapid, correct identification of such agents is important not only to establish that a bioterrorism event has occurred, but also to take suitable measures to protect public health.
Clinical microbiology labs have access to the Laboratory Response Network, which is the organism system drafted by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) to provide logical guidance for the detection, diagnosis, and reporting of biological threat agents. The Laboratory Response Network which handles threatening bioterrorism agents, can be group into four different levels. These levels are determined by the capability of their testing and also the tendency to handle bio threat agents. Laboratories that handle daily specimens, such as hospitals, are classified as level A laboratories. These laboratories need to be familiar with likely bioterrorism agents like Bacillus anthracis or Yersinia pestis. The indicative tests ran by these laboratories are controlled by the CDC. Public health laboratories which are usually located near the capital of each state are available for the validation of organisms that may possibly be a bio threat agent. These laboratories are classified as level B laboratories. As the threat of a possible bioterrorism agent gets worse, samples are sent off to typing laboratories. Typing laboratories will deal with most molecular methods and typing procedures to verify

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