The Cuban Missile Crisis Essay example

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Joseph Stalin believed the world was split into two factions: The Capitalists, and the Communists. The Soviets believed that Communism is the only option, that capitalism and democracy are weak (A). But their goal was not world domination as much as it was Defensive. The soviets knew we had atomic weapon capabilities, which spawned a heavy push for the invention of their own nuclear weapons. They feared that the United States would try to restore the borders of the Soviet Union to where they were before WWII, taking land away from them (A).

The U.S. believed that the Soviet Union was out to take control of as much territory as possible. Countries were weak after the Second World War. Economic turmoil causes broken nations to search for
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The Party created a 5-man Secretary to control the Party, in order to get rid of Malenkov’s position. Nikita Khrushchev’s was elected as one of those five individuals. His name was stated at the top of the list, and it was well known that he was actually in charge. In 1955, Malenkov was relieved of his duty as the Premier of the Soviet Union, and a man named Nikolai Bulganin was put in power as a puppet leader. In 1958 Khrushchev named himself as the premier (J).

Tensions in Europe were high, and Berlin was the focus. After the war, Germany and Berlin were separated amongst the allies. France, England, and The United States controlled West Germany and Berlin and the U.S.S.R. controlled the East. Berlin itself was located in eastern Germany, in Soviet territory (F). The nations in control of West Germany combined their territories in September 1947 to make what was creatively named “Trizonia”. The Purpose of Trizonia was to provide a stable economy for the German people. In February 1948 the ACC or Allied Control Council (the four nations in charge of running Germany) created a new currency for the Germans to use. The Soviets turned down the plan. The Trizonia government created a new currency for its territory, which infuriated the Soviets. In reaction to the new currency, The U.S.S.R. asked that all vehicles entering West Berlin be searched. Trizonia refused, and the Soviets responded by completely blocking of West

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