The Central Features of Infant and Believers' Baptism Essay

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The Central Features of Infant and Believers' Baptism

Introduction ------------

Baptism is celebrated as a sacrament or a 'mystery' throughout the Christian community all across the world. Within the Orthodox and the Roman Catholic Churches all-together, there are seven sacraments including the baptism which is one of the sacraments of initiation the other sacraments are; marriage, Holy Communion, Holy orders, holy unction (anointing of the sick with oil), conformation and confession. A sacrament is an outward, physical sign of an inward, spiritual blessing; also, a service which communicates this blessing to worshippers.

By taking part in baptism, you become a member of the
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There is a formal welcoming and an invitation to let the child become a member of the church at the door. The priest asks if the godparents are willing to help and have the responsibility of bringing the child up into the church along with the parents then the child is welcomed into the Christian family. The parents and godparents then trace the sign of the cross as a symbol that the child now belongs to God. The scriptures and the homily, which celebrates the word of the Lord, follow this. These reading may include Jesus' own baptism in the River Jordan, about when Jesus was born into eternal life, his conversation with Nicodemus about eternal life from John 3:1-21 as in every sacrament it is important to include a reading from the bible as this is the Word of God. The Bidding Prayers then follow for the child, the parents and the godparents. Before the priest can anoint the child he has to cast out any evil within the child, he holds up his hand as he says:

"O God, you sent your Son to cast out the power of Satan, set this child free from Original Sin."

The priest anoints the child on the chest with the oil of catechumens; it is a sign of strength and healing. Then there are the Baptismal promises - a declaration of faith, which, take place at the font. The promises represent a rejection of all sin and the belief of the basic

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