The Cellar - Original Writing Essay

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The Cellar - Original Writing

During one boring December afternoon, I decided to wrap some of my Christmas presents. I found everything I needed, except for the wrapping paper and I soon came to the conclusion that it must have been placed in the cellar when I had recently moved. Eager to get the wrapping paper, I made my way to the cellar. What happened next I will never forget:

I reached the bottom stair, and squinted my eyes to try and get accustomed to the darkness that enveloped the room. I tenderly reached out and flicked the light switch. It was just as I had thought, the light didn't work. There must have been a fault with the wire. I looked back, the hall light casting a thin beam
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My mouth went dry from the fear, but I some how managed to scream. My mind in total shock, I started to try and burrow my way out to the other side. But, as I soon realized to my horror there was no getting through. Standing back, I tried to regain my composure and took a few sharp deep breaths. I needed to calm myself, or I would be panicking for ages. I tried to think about any other route I could possibly take, but the darkness made everything seem strange and abnormal. It almost made me feel like I had stepped into a horror film. Alarmed I decided the best way was to continue going down the aisle until I reached the end and then I could chose an alternative path which hopefully would bring me back to where the stairs began. Walking down the aisle, my eyes began to get accustomed to the light, I could make out the outline of a gas lamp, and as I approached it I begged and pleaded with for it to work. I reached out, and grabbed it, being careful not to overturn any more stuff. As I did, a rat scurried out from underneath and headed straight towards my feet. Screaming, I side stepped out of the way, and tightened my grip on the light. I was not going to lose this in a hurry!

Calming myself down, I focused my attention on the light. Would it work? Would it stay alight for long enough? Deciding that I needed the light more now than later, I decided to turn the

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