The Causes and Effects of Unsafe Sex Essay

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The purpose of this paper is to introduce, discuss, and analyze the topic of the causes and effects of unsafe sex in teenagers. Specifically, it will discuss causes, including media and peers, and some effects, including sexually transmitted diseases, (STDs) and unwanted pregnancy. Teenagers who practice unsafe sex are playing with a time bomb that could go off at any time. With the advent of easily accessible birth control and condoms, there are no more excuses for practicing unsafe sex that can cause an unwanted pregnancy or even death by disease.
The Causes and Effects of Unsafe Sex

Having unsafe sex with a partner is not only brainless, it can be deadly. There are many reasons teens choose to have unsafe
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One researcher says, "In fact, a fear of pregnancy often triggers the first visit to a family planning clinic. […] Evidence also shows that most teenagers who decide to have sex will forego using birth control if it is difficult to obtain, but they will not stop having sex" (Arons 1093). Condoms are also available in drug stores, grocery stores, and even over the Internet, but many young men may be embarrassed to purchase them. In addition, many young men find condoms uncomfortable, and refuse to wear them despite the consequences, and some young men simply refuse to take responsibility for the consequences of unsafe sex, since they are not the ones who could end up pregnant. As such, they may pressure their girlfriends to have sex, and the girls give in as they hope for love and affection, while the boys simply want a sexual experience. There is another prevailing reason that many teens have unsafe sex, and that is the recklessness of the age, and the feeling it "won't happen to them" (Bradley and Wildman 253). There are many reasons why teens have sex without protection, but all of them are excuses, and none of them is valid in a world where sex education is ordinary, and the perils of unsafe sex are common knowledge.

What is even more disturbing about unsafe sex is the ease in which most young people can now obtain condoms and birth control devices, so that having unsafe sex is not

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