The Best Technology for Cars Company: Retail Stores that Sell Devices for Cars

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The purpose of this report is to analyze Spain’s economy and compare their way of doing business with our way. So, we can determine what changes our company has to make, and how it needs to be organized according to Spain’s business customs. In particular, this report explains the following questions:
• Why expand to Spain?
• What is important to know about Spain before doing business?
The Best Technology for Cars Company is retail store that sell high technology devices for cars since 2001. During the last years the Best Technology for Cars Company has been doing very well. As a result, our company has decided to expand business overseas.
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The most important thing to know before doing business overseas is to know the social Customs of the country. Also, is important to know about family life and value systems; for example, what is the basic unit of social organization? How businesspeople dress? What they eat? Then, what is the class structure and how is organized. Also, know if politics and religion have influences over business. What are the principals products, how workers are organized, what is the standard work schedule, how business are owned. Finally, the last thing to know is the value systems. All these things are very important to be familiar with, before expand business anywhere in the world; in order to be successful in business in another country.
Social Customs The social customs of Spain vary and most of them are unique. Spaniards reacts friendly with strangers, but women are more reserved. The way that people from Spain greet each other is very important to their social culture. When Spaniards meet a stranger person, they offer shake hands. In business, once friendship is established Spaniards greet each other by shaking hands; hug and slap each other their back. Also, Spaniards greet by a kiss touching each other cheeks with a person already know. Spaniards never touch, hug or kiss anyone who they don’t know well. (Spain).
The appropriate table manners of Spain are that when someone enters a room should remain standing until is invited

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