The 5 People you meet in heaven Essay

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      thefivepeople you meet in heaven
                Mitch Albom

     Eddie, an 83 year old war veteran who spends his days and nights fixing rides at Ruby Pier, has been through a lot of ups and downs in his life. From having a rough child hood with his father, to meeting the girl of his dreams, Marguerite, to fighting in world war 2 and totally messing up his leg, to coming home to Marguerite and living his life with no kids, just Marguerite and Ruby Pier, to his 83rd birthday..
     It’s just another day at Ruby Pier. Pretty much the same as it’s always been since he was a
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The Cable broke, and the carts gonna hit the little girl. Eddie flew towards the little girl; he felt her little hands, then nothing. A flash of light, a big impact, then .. Nothing.
     The rest of the book is about Eddie’s journey through heaven, meeting the five people who have made an impact on Eddie’s life in one way or another. “Everything happens for a reason”. I think we have all heard that quote. Sometimes you know the reason, and sometimes you don’t. Sometimes it takes your whole life to figure out and understand why certain things happen.

     #1 The main character Eddie reminds me of my grandfather, Robert St. Hilaire. Like Eddie, my grandfather was in the war, fighting to defend his county. He didn’t get hurt like Eddie did, but he was emotionally scarred, like Eddie. My great grandfather handed down the family business (St. Hilaire Roofing & Masonry) to my grandfather. He had always grown up watching his father work, and he helped him out when he was a teenager. My grandfather took over the business, and like Eddie, didn’t’ enjoy his work, but he felt obligated to take over. Although Eddie made it clear he didn’t enjoy working at Ruby Pier, I believe when he got to heaven he realized how much Ruby Pier really meant to him, and how it was a big part of his life. When my Grandfather handed down St. Hilaire

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