Terrorism: The September 11 Attacks Essay examples

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The September 11 attacks occurred in the year 2001 which were a series of attacks planned by the Islamic terrorist group Al-Qaeda. The attacks took place in New York and Washington D.C. Nineteen terrorists hijacked four airplanes that day. Two of those airplanes that were hijacked were known as the American Airlines Flight 11 and the United Airlines Flight 175. Those two airplanes were crashed into the North and South towers of the World Trade Center located in New York. Within two hours of the crash of the airplanes into the towers, both towers collapsed killing more than 2,500 people in New York alone. The fire and debris of the crashes caused other buildings like building # 7 to catch fire and collapse as well. The third plane was known …show more content…
The government is coming up with absurd laws, such as it being illegal in Maine to have Christmas light decorations up past January, that the people do not want passed but yet our vote does not mean anything. Government action is causing some people to stand up and rebel against them which the government does not like at all. If the nation as a whole decided to not follow the government rules they continue to establish, than our government can be at risk of collapse. Any governments fear is to one day fail to continue and therefore all governments including ours will do anything to prevent their collapse. So the question is, what can the government do to prevent rebellions from happening which potentially can lead to the government collapsing? The answer is to keep people scared by terrorism and making the people believe that the government will protect them for it. Jesse Ventura, 9/11 victims and witnesses, and even military veterans like Jeff Dahistorm believe that this horrible incident was all planned and executed by the government as a means to terrorize the people and keep them under their control. A lot of people like Jesse Ventura ask and have wonder the same questions for years which is, “Why did the buildings go down so quickly.” Ventura interviewed William Rodriguez who was a maintenance worker at the World Trade Center and was there prior to the crashes. Rodriguez said that it was

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