Term Limitations: Restoring Trust in Congress Essay

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The United States Congress is the most powerful legislative body in the world. The capitol dome should bring pride to every American as a symbol of the just and efficient system of government we have devised for ourselves. Congress however has fallen from grace. Scandal, egotism and horrific management of the nation's resources have obliterated the trust Americans once had for those they elected. The Congress must now make huge and positive steps toward healing the rift they have created. I feel the first step should be a Constitutional amendment limiting the number of terms a member of Congress may serve.

The idea of term limits in America was first discussed during the framing of the constitution as one of the fifteen
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The communal sense of America is developed through deliberative reasoning which citizens partake in through their representatives. These representatives need to express the character and posses the same values as those they represent. In this sense the idea of being a professional representative is ambiguous. Professionalism at any pursuit entails a distinction between the professional and those they serve. This is obviously a harmful trait to the representative process. However this is not the strongest argument for term limits in America since we are a society who strives for professionalism in every talent.

The best evidence for the need of Term Limits is an examination of the problems of Congress and the reasons Congress in unable to pull itself out of the miserable state it has been in for the past forty years.

The rise of careerism began after the New Deal in the 83rd Congress (1953-55).

Since 1955, incumbents have been reelected 79% of the time and the number of representatives serving four or more terms have risen from 55% to 69%. The overall turnover rate in the House of Representatives has fallen from 31% at the end of World War I to an all time low of 7.6% in the 1988 election. During this incumbent entrenchment Congress has suffered a fundamental change. The legislature is no longer seen as a body that represents the views of the people, but rather as an obstacle to progress and a

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