Essay on Technology Analysis: Spotify and the Music Industry

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Introduction It’s probably not feasible to avoid streaming music services nowadays. Every smart phone on the market is able to operate numerous music streaming applications, ranging from radio-style streaming, on-demand streaming, and even cloud-streaming. Smart TVs come equipped with Spotify, Pandora, or Rdio. AT&T partners with Beats music to offer a unique on-demand music streaming service with playlists complied by DJs. It seams that with the advent of Wifi hotspots and high-speed mobile Internet services, music streaming is becoming more and more a part of mainstream life. Spotify has been in the spotlight within this particular segment of the streaming industry ever since its introduction to the United States in 2011. (Roose, n.d.) …show more content…
The sharing can be collaborative as each person can make edits to the playlists. Therefore, Spotify users can exchange playlists by merely sending the link to the playlist in an email message and running it on the Spotify client. Additionally, individual songs can be shared on all major social media platforms, informing all friends and followers of what music they’re currently enjoying. Additionally, the premium service allows users to download playlists so that they can be available offline without the need to stream the songs over the Internet, which is a major distinguishing characteristic of the premium service over the free service. (“Sptofy’s Time”, 2014)
Besides on-demand music streaming, Spotify also offers a Radio service that is available to both free and premium users. This service mirrors Pandora in several ways, but also has some different aspects. The radio service allows users to create radio stations based on genres, decades, as well as artists. The Spotify client then generates a playlist of songs matching the requested description. Unlike Pandora One, premium Spotify users have unlimited skips on radio station playlists, while free members are allotted five skips per hour. Users are also given an artist or genre background while the radio playlist is playing, and even inviting the user to rate each track in order to enhance the quality of

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