Essay on Tattoo History

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In 3000 B.C. during the Late Stone Age, a man around the age of 45 or 46 died while walking near the present-day border between Austria and Italy. He lived to the south of the Alps near Lake Garda, in what is now known as northern Italy. This ancient man is called Ice Man, and he has some of the earliest known tattoos. Ice Man has tattoos of stripes and crosses in “strategic locations on the body”(Othmar), such as his calves. While his tattoos are invisible to the naked eye, using infrared photography, it was discovered that Ice man had 57 stripes in 16 groups along with both a large and a small cross-like mark in different places on his body where physical stress might cause him pain (Othmar). Throughout history, references to permanent …show more content…
The tattoos that covered her shoulders, wrists and thumb were also of mythical creatures. Around 450 B.C., a Greek writer by the name of Herodotus wrote that in the Scythian and Thracian cultures, “‘tattoos were a mark of nobility, and not to have them was testimony of low birth.’ (Lineberry)”.
In different parts of the world, there were different views on whether tattoos were for wealthy nobles or the poorer classes. The Japanese have a word, irezumi, that means ‘the insertion of ink’ and it original meant that tattoos were used as a punishment. In the early 1700’s, Japanese tattoo artists started calling themselves and their tattoos by different names in order to distance their art work from the torturous tattoos of the past. Early Christians interpreted the Bible to say that God had created man to look like God himself, therefore, “the body as the divine likeness is to be kept whole and is not to disfigure” (Iwai, 150). In the Bible there are three views on tattoos, the first view is that tattoos show worship of a god other than God. This is because when people would die, the pagan way to show mourning was to get tattooed and shave the front of their heads. Another reason a Christian would get a tattoo would be if God gave the tattoo to you. In the story of Cain and Abel, Cain kills Abel and God puts a mark on Cain so no one will kill him. The Lord also touched Moses on his hands and forehead and told the people of Israel to

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