Essay on Subject to Different Cultural and Educational Manipulations

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3.3 Subject to Different Cultural and Educational Manipulations
Culture has been severally defined as the way of living of a given people residing in a particular geographical region. To this end, the way of living may incorporate a wide range of values, beliefs, doctrines, ethics, and rituals. These values are normally embodied in practices such as clothing styles, eating habits, political systems, communication styles, as well as economic systems. It is generally agreed that culture may change from time to time due to social influences such as intermarriage, education, trade as well as through adventurous interactions. Gives that culture typifies a peoples way of life it can be argued that these changes are meant to satisfy needs of a
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In extension, the fact that different cultural periods were also characterized by different educational achievements it is also wise to argue that just as cultural changes, these rapidly changing educational achievements were equally influential on the clothing concepts adopted during such cultural periods. The core factors of color, design, type of material as well as the occasion were all derivatives of culture and education (Cunningham & Lab, 1991).
For many generations, the young people have always selected their dresses of dramatic styles to distinguish themselves from the generations of their parents and grandparents. For them, the design of clothing defines the time they are living in. Therefore, clothing defines social identity that signifies to the world that an individual is rising in the corporate culture, political development or religious affiliation. Clothing defines whether somebody is poor or wealthy, young or old, liberal or democratic among other social and political grounds.
Additionally, dressing plays an important role in the life of people because through clothing an individual can substantiate his or her sense of self and social placement. Dressing is a sign of personal worth, values, opinions and beliefs as well as those of the cultural and social setting in which we are living in (Cunningham & Lab, 1991).
Furthermore, studies in human life have shown that despite the size of a group where an individual is

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