Struggles of a Blank Canvas Essay examples

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Struggles of a Blank Canvas Aspiring artists are encouraged by their teachers, friends and family to attend an art university after graduating high school. Art teachers recommend going to an art school because it can further an artist’s art education and skills. Friends and family believe by going to an art school, an artist will have a better work environment. There is always a mindset that artists should go to an art university like The Art Academy in San Francisco to become a great artist. However, no matter where an artist goes for college, they are still able to receive a degree in art wherever they go. They can receive the same art education from a university such as Fresno State University that does not focus all its …show more content…
It is the constant effort, time and practice an artist has to put in their work that will make them grow as an artist. There is the option of taking online courses from an art university, but it is not as effective as being in a classroom. Taking art classes should be done in the classroom, because artists will have their professor and colleagues nearby to give them advice and critique their work. However, Larry Witham writes about in his book “Art Schooled: A Year Among Prodigies, Rebels, and Visionaries at a World-class Art College,” the learning environment, experiences and lifestyles of attending an art school. In the book, Witham guides the reader through on what it is like to be an artist through the eyes of professionals, students and faculty at some of the best art colleges in America. There is a chapter in the book where Witham writes about the struggles between artists- those with more talent than others or “prodigies.” No matter where an artist goes, there will always be one or two other artists who are better than them (Witham). Artists would separate themselves from others, because they feel as if there is a gap in skill and talent. However, being placed in the same classroom with different skill levels fills in the gap, because they are learning in the same environment as those who more or less skillful than other artists. As an art major, I am challenged every day in my art class, but there is literally no place to grow in the

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