Statement of Philosophy of Education Essay

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Statement of Philosophy of Education

My philosophy of teaching and education in general is very broad at this stage in my career. I am sure that as I teach in future years, my philosophy of teaching will change as I gain experience. As for now though, the following paper will describe the way I feel about teaching, learning and education in general.

First, I view learning as a journey the students take throughout their school careers and throughout life. I feel that on this journey, teachers are placed in the position to help guide these students to their destination, or at least help them on their way. This journey would include hurdles and obstacles that would be overcome and some that would be left for
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I think that if the students see connections between different topics taught, their interest level will rise. Also, I feel that it is the duty of a good teacher to help make the material as interesting as possible so that the students are not totally distracted by the monotony of the subject. By making the content more interesting, the students will become more involved and consequently will learn more.

As I have stated before, I feel that I want to set goals for my classes individually based on the students’ in those classes. I feel that it is of vital importance to get the students actively involved in the learning process. I want my students’ to gain an appreciation on some level of mathematics and the involvement it has in their everyday lives. I try in classes to have the students talk to me about how they are working problems, or why we are trying to work a problem the way we are. Also, I feel that group activities help tremendously in my goals for the students learning, so I implement those.

I value the teaching profession beyond a level I ever knew I would. I find it a great pleasure to be in this stage of becoming a teacher. I have a high standard of excellence for myself in my own life, and want my students to catch a small glimpse of that in my classroom. I want those students to see that goals

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