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Recently I have found myself playing around with soy beans. I have been doing a lot of research on the benefits of soy and been thinking about a variety of different ways that I could incorporate more soy into my daily dietary intake. Needless to say I have enjoyed every moment of it.

Reason being is that as what has transpired is that I have found myself learning and experiementing with making different batchs of different recipes of different flavors of soy milk. It all started because I had been thinking about getting a soymilk maker shipped from Japan but decided that it would be prudent to figure out if I like the stuff enough to put out the dough.

I have now been making soymilk by scratch for about a month and am now looking
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The experience afforded me a valuable opportunity to really understand the process of it all. So here I am copying and pasting a YouTube presentation on soy milk making. I have been told that the soymilk maker machines are much easier and such, but again I liked playing around with the processing and different recipes. I would encourage anyone who may be interested in making soymilk to try it from scratch before investing in a machine as well, just to make sure that it is something that they like. By the way, Homemade soymilk is a LOT cheaper than store bought cow and processed soy milk, for those that are frugal minded of course.

Now onto ME...

Why did I do all this?

You guessed it I will tell you why!

Firstly, because I believe that most Americans eat way more animal products than what is required for optimal health. Now I will not proclaim to be innocent as I had a bit of shrimp and porterhouse last night, but the portion sizes that I had were of course probably 1/3rd of the average Shrimp and Steak dinner. My plate was 3/4 plant product and 1/4 meat products.

Secondly, my exploration into the wonders of soy has served me twofold because I LOVE TO EXPLORE and the experience has awarded me with just such an opportunity as here I am almost 40 and

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