Sociology of Health and Illness Essay examples

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Sociology of Health and Illness
The sociological approaches focus on identifying the two sociological theories. We critically analysed the biomedical model and doctor patient relationship. We also evaluated how the medical professionals exercise social control and medical professional’s contribution to ill health. The difference between society and health is studied by sociologist in relation to health and illness. This also discusses health in relation to social institutions for example family, employment and school. However, health can be defined in a number of ways such as negative and positive.
The negative is where health is perceived to be the absence of disease or abnormalities in the body. This is similar to the positive
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However, it is difficult to think of society without rules in order to create guidelines to deal with deviant members, but there are other ways of social control in society. For example police, judicial system and schools. In addition the biomedical model has controlled the industrialised society by focusing on the cure for using the scientifically tested methods without concerns to the environmental and social factors. However, according to Jewson (1976) he states that there are three stages of biomedical model but the focus is on the two such as age and medicine. In the previous centuries doctors used to ask patients about their illness at home but today hospitals took over. This way the patients depends on the doctors knowledge and professionalism for help whereas the social model suggests that, it is social and environmental factors that makes the poor people more venerable to disease.
The biomedical model use advanced medicine to treat patient and this has helped to increase life expectancy of people. The medical professionals also have a high status based on their training, but the social models look beyond physical cause because it may allow religious beliefs to be used for treatment. However, social model will also provide holistic care for individuals because of treating the root cause, according to Taylor and Field (2007). He states that health is likely to improve if people change their living conditions and behaviour. (Taylor, et al 1995

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