Society MUST Understand how the Natural World Works Essay

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Society MUST Understand how the Natural World Works

Except for children, few of us spend much time wondering why Nature is the way it is; where the Cosmos came from, or whether it was always here; or whether there are ultimate limits to what humans know. There are even children who want to know what a black hole looks like; why the sky is blue; how does a balloon stay up in the air; what makes the human body work; and why there is a Universe.

I have many opportunities to teach children at various ages and have observed that many of these children are natural born scientists. They have inquisitive little minds filled with curiosity and wonder. Provocative and insightful questions bubble out them with enormous enthusiasm. I am often
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I have always enjoyed asking questions. A few select teachers have taught me that asking questions is one of the best methods to acquire new insights and opinions about the world. The question is "what is happening to our children as they progress through the primary and secondary grades?" It is far more than just puberty. It is the old dilemma of not trying to appear smart because it is not "cool" (except in sports) and when they do appear too smart, they are ostracized for being a "nerd" or "geek."

J. Michael bishop notes in his essay, Enemies of Promise, that in recent international testing, U.S. high school students finished ninth in physics among the top twelve nations, eleventh in chemistry, and dead last in biology. Science is poorly taught in most of our elementary and secondary schools, when it is taught at all (260).

Society expects so little from children today. I can not think of very many role models for children who can intelligently discuss science and technology. Young boys try to find their role models in sports and young girls believe through advertisements that Victoria's Secret models are the one's to emulate. I often ask myself why sports and fashion are so popular. Basketball and baseball stars practice the laws of physics everyday, but can they give a lesson on force, mass, and acceleration. Can they communicate what kinetic energy

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