Social Structure: Example from a Mexican American Essay example

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Sociology is the scientific study of social structure, social structure influences through culture and principles, together it produces each individual to the way they act, live and think. Due to social influences, many of our morals and values are influenced through media, parents and school. Social structure is important in our society because it affects all dimensions of human experience, it is a pattern of social interaction and over all makes us who we are. The sociological term for social structure describes society as a whole and the action in which determines individuals. The three main structures that have shaped up my social structure and impacted my life are, my ethnicity, income and religion. Being a Hispanic American …show more content…
Knowing that I come from a family who had to work hard for what they have today and knowing that they literally came from nothing to owning a home, I am blessed to be able to go to school, have a home without having to worry about paying rent. I know I need to take advantage of my opportunity’s that have been given and get a career where I am financially stable and will overall be able to give something back to my parents. My father was one out of twelve kids born in Mexico and coming to the United States at age 20, my dad went straight to working. I have come to realize that it is my turn to help out my family because my parents are currently unemployed, money Is always in the back of our mind. Instead of putting all my focus on education, getting a job would have to be one of my priorities as well. As for myself, being the smallest out of the family and the only one to actually go to school I hope to remain with good grades so I would be able to maintain going to school.

Second as a Latina, my Mexican American culture has influenced me greatly, we live in groups ranging in size from family to an entire society and they all encourage conformity, conformity often promoted by social forces that individuals cannot control. for instance my Hispanic heritage we have distinctive eating habits, types of dressing, religious beliefs attitudes towards life being the youngest out of four girls and being the first to attend college there is great

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