Smoking: The Issue of Addiction and How to Quit Essay

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There is no doubt that the people of this modern era are facing lots of issues and dangers for their health. People are becoming addicted to a number of different addictions, such as smoking, drinking and so on. There are numbers of addictions that are available to the people around the globe. the experts are of the view that the addictions have some special charms and people get attracted to that craving owing that charm, however once they become addicted they feel helpless and most of the time they cannot quit that obsession. Smoking is one of such obsessions of people. There are number of researches and studies that suggest that smoking is not safe for life; however it has been observed that over a number of years numbers of smokers …show more content…
This is the 1st question that a person should be asked before giving any plan. If the person is not willing to quit he can never get the desired result of any approach. A survey was conducted in Japan. The aim of that survey was to get the statistics that how many smokers are willing to quit smoking. The graph of the results is as under:

(, 2011)
This graph show that a considerable amount of smoker wants to quit smoking and this is the most favorable things for the healthcare of any nation.
There are many people who believe that prevention is much better and good than cure. They are of the view that smoking is not easy to quit; however there are certain experts who believe that the habit of smoking can be dealt with some proper strategies. In the following lines the paper will discuss some of those strategies. (Carr, 1985 )

The 1st way to deal with smoker is that the people around them should talk about the worst outcomes of this habit. Medical reasons are good grounds to convince people that smoking is not good and the same can cause cancer as well. there is no doubt that no one want to die and if the people are being taught about the dangerous impacts of smoking on life this may help the smoker to quit smoking. (Janet Brigham, Joseph Henry Press, A Joseph Henry Press Book, 19-May-1998)

(The science of quitting smoking, 2012)

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