SMART Consultants Cloud-Based SaaS Feasibility Study Essay

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Cloud computing has captured the attention and imagination of the business and IT worlds as of late. A general atmosphere of positive analysis surrounds the potential and future of cloud computing. “In May 2008, Merrill Lynch . . . estimated the cost advantages of Cloud Computing to be three to five times for business applications and more than five times for consumer applications” (Slabeva 2010, 47). An IDC forecast suggested a near three-fold growth of spending on cloud-related services from 2008 to 2012, attaining forty-two billion dollars (Slabeva 2010). Amid all these forecasts and positive predictions, it seems obvious that the cloud is here to stay, and that those who harness it correctly will have the opportunity to grow their …show more content…
Instead of using large, power hungry desktop computers, many offices will see a cost benefit in using devices like thin-client machines, or mobile devices such as the iPad, and rely on the cloud to provide much of the processing power that’s need to utilize everyday business and communication applications.
SaaS also helps to mitigate the process of downloading and updating applications, constantly purchasing upgrades and configuring multiple different applications on multiple different computers, as well as many more administrative functions (Hugos 2010). Cloud-based SaaS also has the ability to be incredibly scalable for just about any business need. “As a provider acquires more customers for its applications, it can increase the complexity of how it hosts those applications in order to make them more efficient for the entire customer base” (Hugos 2010, 48).
Invariably, most conversations revolving around the use of cloud-based applications with members of the healthcare industry and the financial industry, security and compliance become the focus of such discussions. Particularly with the healthcare industry, questions regarding the Health Information Technology for Economic and Clinical Health (HITECH) Act come up. For example, the HITECH Act includes a provision covering breach notifications. That is, if a breach of unsecured information is detected and affects more than 500 residents, a notice must be

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