Similarities in Culture of Jazz and Hip Hop Music Essay

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Jazz and Hip Hop: The Ghetto and Music as Language

African-American cultural forms and developments are as vast as they are diverse. However, because of white America's consistently racist and oppressive treatment of black peoples in this country there exist certain commonalities between African-American cultures as a result of this continuous subordination. In this paper I will attempt to present some of these existing similarities within hip hop and jazz cultures. Although they are both musically and culturally quite different, each arising out of a particular historical moment with its own distinct musical and cultural practices, there exists enough similarities between that two that it seems a comparison is indeed beneficial in
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With that said I will now begin my investigation.

The physical spaces in which we live bear profound impact upon our conceptions of the world and in effect, our selves. However, because the city is thought to reflect the technological and industrialized mastery of our environment at its most extreme, it is within the city that these concepts become intensely magnified. As David Goldberg explains, "The built environment is made in, and reifies, the image and architecture of `pyramidal power'... Citizen and strangers are controlled through the spatial confines of divided place. This urban geometry - the spatial categories through, and in which, the lived world is largely thought, experienced, disciplined - imposes a set of interiorities and exteriorities" (Forman 36). The city reflects to us the goals, beliefs, and structures of our nation.

This urban context is of specific importance to the development of many black modern cultural practices. In discussing African-American music Paul Gilroy, in his book, The Black Atlantic, writes, "The urban context in which these forms were encountered cemented their stylistic appeal and facilitated their solicitation of our

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