Essay about Sexualization of Women

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There is this idea currently surrounding the music industry, that in order for a woman to achieve success they will have to sexualize themselves. This idea is seen in the controversy surrounding Miley Cyrus with her new “movement” in order to strip the Disney Start Hanna Montana image. This controversy thickened after Miley’s Video Music Awards (VMA) performance this August. This year VMA’s is know for Miley Cyrus Twerking on stage with little clothing, a foam finger and dancing bears. Since the end of the performance the controversy over Cyrus grew like a wild fire all over the media outlets. The majority of people believe that Miley Cyrus is sexualizing her self in order to gain fans and supporters in the music industry. This idea of …show more content…
Hannah Montana quickly ranked among the highest rated series on cable. This rapid success launched Miley in becoming a teen idol. As Cyrus grew older she wanted to escape this Disney channel image. This transformation from a Disney Star to the Miley that she is today started in 2011 with her release of her music video Can’t Be Tamed. This was the first controversial performance that Miley was evolved in. Less than a year after this release Cyrus continue to change her image but, this time it was literal when she cut her long brown hair in favor for a short blond hair style. Soon after Miley continued to move farther away from her old image with her new performances style and wardrobe. At this point many people believe that Miley is using her body to gain support with in the already womanizing music industry. The next step in Miley’s movement that gain the most interest from the media and general population was her VMA performance.
The 2013 MTV Video Music Awards were held on August 25, 2013 at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn, New York. The entire award show was overshadowed by the controversial performance by Miley Cyrus with Robin Thicke. Their performance consists of Cyrus twerking on Thicke with minimal clothing and using a foam finger to exploit herself. At the conclusion of the 2013 Video Music Awards performance The FCC has received more than 150 complaints over Miley Cyrus' racy performance that featured

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