Women's Football: A Gender Analysis

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As today marks the annual Super Bowl, it also marks the day when companies pay millions of dollars for thirty seconds to sell their product. What marketing strategy do many employ? The objectification of women. Scantily clad women are used to attract business and revenue. This objectification comes at a cost and society has become immune to it. Sexism is defined as the “discrimination or devaluation based on a person 's sex or gender, as in restricted job opportunities, especially such discrimination directed against women.” Throughout this paper I will discuss the role sexism plays in current media, what messages are being conveyed, and if the issue negatively or positively.
British article on women’s football: This British article “Watching
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The intended audience for this article would hands down be men. In today’s culture, it is seen as men being the ones to play and succeed in sports, and when women do the same, or achieve higher than men, it can cause contrast. I would assume that many men see this article as a funny stab to women’s sports and nothing more. Although what they don’t see is the sexism that is behind it. To this certain author, the main intention behind his offensive article could just be as simple as an easy way to put down women. But the real question is, why does women’s soccer offend him so much? He says significantly harsh comments for really no reason at all. An article like this can only have a negative effect on society. There is nothing positive that can come from discriminating women and their talents that have been worked for. Sports are a great way to stay healthy and to grow in determination, endurance, and leadership. By publically downing women playing such sports, you are doing a determent to society. Boys and girls should have the opportunity to grow up playing a sport and even go all the way to professionalism if …show more content…
The main message of what she is doing is to prove a point that we as humans can be whatever we feel we have the right to be. Whether that be a woman, man, or both. My problem with that is that when Bruce became what he thought he was, which is now a woman, people suddenly stated caring only about his/her appearance. No longer will they remember him for the legend he made as an athlete, but as a transformed woman with implants, Botox, and a lot of make up. The message that this is displaying is that is ok to change yourself just to be accepted by

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