September Eleventh: The New Tragedy Essay

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September Eleventh: The New Tragedy

History is written from the tragedies that occur through time. Wars, plagues, famines, and economic crises punctuate references in history books. We refer to time in pre and post event terms, and how our thinking has changed since the occurrence. We measure our lives in relation to deep sorrow that causes us to reconsider our self worth and the lives we lead. There have been several of these happenings in this century, pre world war I, post world war I, the depression era, post world war II, the Cold War, the post cold war, and now we have post September 11th. A new tragedy has been identified as a cause for us to reconsider our place in the world. This new tragedy is distinctive
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Terrorism is no longer someone else’s problem; with this attack it has become our own.

The nature of terrorism is a delicate subject to explain and understand. There is an isolating facet to terrorism that personalizes it like the September 11th attack has done for our country. This isolating facet of fear complicates the universal condemnation of terrorism. If terrorism is inspiring or inflicting fear and terrorism in general is looked upon as wrong from the perspective of the U.N. and other global powers then any act that inflicts or inspires fear is wrong. Obviously, there are justified actions instilling fear, but when they are unjustified, is that when they are terrorist’s actions? Who decides whether they are justified or not? “What is considered a terrorist by one is a freedom fighter by another.” It is this perception of the acts of terrorism that keep the world condemning it and at the same time sponsoring it.

Often times there is a rational argument behind terrorist acts. Oppressed individuals or groups feel that their only way to express the rational argument is through irrational means (terrorism). If they can convince the world to take them seriously or at least look at them with caution or threat then maybe they will receive some needed attention to their cause. This does not condone or eradicate their violent acts but it leads to a

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