Self-Analysis of Personality and Leadership Qualities Essay examples

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Terminal Values
I decided gratitude would be my highest terminal value. If I can strive to be grateful for all that I have and all that I am, I believe this would lead to helping me achieve all other terminal values. Providing service for other living things is something that I feel is important for the survival of our external world, which is why it is ranked second. My third value is wisdom. In today’s world, there are so many problems that I will not be able to resolve or fix, that I have to have the wisdom to be able to know what I can and can not do, and know that this is okay. I also believe it is of great value to strive for wisdom when I interact with people. Rather than reacting with feelings and passion, responding with wisdom
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I believe very strongly that the values I uphold, and those of my school, must be at the center of every decision that is made. In fact, I refused a promotion, moved from Japan to Phuket, and took a large salary cut in order to work at a school that is driven by its philosophy, and whose value statements linked directly to my Terminal and Instrumental values. These values are strongly linked to my Personality type.

Personality type: ENFJ – The Giver

Jose Ortegay Gasset once said, “Tell me what you pay attention to and I will tell you who you are.” I pay attention to people, drawing my energy from the external world. I prefer to think out loud, processing ideas and information with a team of people. I am outgoing and friendly, and fully appreciate what I gain from interacting with my peers. I try and make a point of moving about the school and communicating with staff and parents in the morning, as I know this will help me feel energized for the day ahead.
According to Cambridge personality research (retrieved May 2014), an extravert finds it hard to work alone, and can easily get bored when not stimulated. I get this stimulation from helping and supporting my staff, discussing new possibilities and bouncing ideas around with them. I draw energy from our planning meetings, especially when we are posed with a problem and work collaboratively to find innovative and creative ways forward. I enjoy

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