Security Governance in Afghanistan Essay

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Security Governance in Afghanistan and the US Role
A critical analysis

Security Governance in Afghanistan
I. Summary:

Afghan security forces have lead security responsibility throughout the country, and the United
States and its allies are reducing military involvement in Afghanistan. The current International security mission finishes at end of 2014 and is expected to transition to a smaller mission consisting mostly of training the Afghanistan National Security Forces (ANSF). The number of U.S. forces in Afghanistan, about 100,000 in 2011, was reduced to a “pre-surge” level of about 66,000 by 2012, and to about 34,000 as of 2014 (Ellwood 2014). According to a US report the U.S. force will minimize to about 22,000 by the end
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Security governance in Afghanistan has always been a problematic issue. This paper therefore, will describe and analyze the security problems that Afghanistan have faced and is facing like in terms of governance these warlords have became problematic, not signing the BSA, not finalizing the peace talks with the Taliban, and will Taliban and Al Qaeda ever disappear from Afghanistan? Also at the end it will recommend some solutions for these problems. The main argument of this paper is whether the withdrawal of US troops will affect the security and stability in Afghanistan or not, whether the Afghan National Army is able to protect the country from the Taliban? Most importantly who is the real enemy of this land and how can Afghanistan eradicate them? Finally, I believe, US will remain in Afghanistan and will support both politically and economically and as we have witnessed the elections Afghanistan is on its way to real democracy, peace and stability.

II. Introduction:

Afghanistan has a history of a high degree of decentralization, and resistance to foreign invasion and occupation. Some have termed it the “graveyard of empires.” Whenever it comes to security there are always opposing names ‘’The Taliban’’ and ‘’Al Qaeda’’. Afghanistan has faced enormous security problems throughout its history particularly in the Taliban regime which was led by Mullah Muhammad Umar and Al Qaeda leaders Osama bin Laden relocated from Sudan to Afghanistan, where he had been a

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