Who Is The Taliban In 'Under The Persimmon Tree'?

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Imagine having a family member going to war and knowing they won't be coming back or knowing they would be even killed. Similar situations happen in the book Under the Persimmon Tree, by Suzanne Fisher Staples. In this book there are two characters name Najmah and Nusrat both girls go through a hard time and the group called the Taliban and this certain group had impact both of their life. Half of Najmah family is gone all she has is her brother Nur and all Nusrat wants to do is go back home to the U.S and live the normal life and have her freedom back. The fictional portrayal of the Taliban impacted Najmah and and Nusrat in the text very much. The novel depicted the Taliban as a group of men who just wants land and power but in reality they are murderous people and takes away everything that people own in life especially freedom. …show more content…
Everyday people in Afghanistan and Pakistan deal with the Taliban multiple different ways. In the book Under The Persimmon Tree by Suzanne Fisher Staples. The book shows many ways on how the Taliban act. “ repay us for having helped our enemy you must come fight with the Taliban” (Staples 17). Najmah witnessed her brother and father getting taken away by the Taliban in front of her eyes she is scared about what might happen to them. Nusrat meet najmah and they both know they aren't safe “Bombs are not unusual in the bazaar but she is afraid that gunfire will follow as it often does” (Staples 80). In a sense the Taliban has destroyed many people’s lives and now Najmah realize that who she was before the Taliban took away her family she isn't that person anymore “Three months make us many ages older because the world we knew has come to an end” (Staples 252). Najmah realizes that her life before the Taliban was all good but now she won't live a normal life she will learn things that hard way from now

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