Robotics in Education Essay

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Robotics in Education

Robotics plays a critical role in the development and maintenance of the world today. The industrial age of machinery has been transformed into an age of automation combining mechanical, electrical, and computer engineering into the research and development of robotics technology. Practically everything automated today relies upon a robot of sort; automobile engines, personal computers, space exploration, assembly lines, and mining, to name a few. But each robotics advancement has a purpose, not just to function in it’s programming, but also to serve as a step in a stairway of progress. Without something to improve upon, how can progress be made? Anyway it’s looked at, the technology-dependent world today
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Learning at an early age as opposed to later in life has been proven much more powerful. The mind is still developing, and can incorporate more solidly the knowledge given to it, and the skills taught when young stay with a person much longer than those taught when older. This concept gives a need for a method to teach children, rather than adults, the skills to work as engineers. If children can have these skills and use them all through life, their abilities later in research should be much stronger than those of today.

The Lego Company has recently developed a tool seemingly very useful to this situation. The Lego MINDSTORM robotics set is a collection of mechanical and electrical blocks capable of being coordinated into working objects. The extraordinary quality of these blocks is that they are incredibly simple to use and build with, along with holding potential to create very complex objects. As a beginner’s toy, they are easy snap-together blocks shaped like the original Lego’s blocks with color and textual coordination by piece. For the advanced, the blocks can actually be programmed to work together in more detail. “MINDSTORMS is an exciting toy. With it, children can learn mechanical design, engineering, and computer programming while they are playing.” This use of ‘toys’ to influence learning at a young age proves to be a very

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