Richard Joseph Daley as Mayor of Chicago Essays

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Richard Joseph Daley as Mayor of Chicago

Richard Joseph Daley, the grandson of Irish immigrants, was born in the Bridgeport area of Chicago on May 15, 1902 less than a block from where he later lived as mayor. An only child born to first and second-generation Irish immigrants, Richard J Daley graduated from De La Salle Institute in 1919. As a member of the Hamburg Social and Athletic Club, a local social club/street gang, Daley began his political career with the help of former members Tommy Doyle and Joe McDonough. At twenty-one, he was a precinct captain in McDonough’s ward organization and a member of the Hamburgs. Then he became McDonough’s personal ward secretary and protege. Daley supposedly worked in the stockyards before
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County clerk from 1950 to 1955. He also served as state revenue director, an appointed position, under Governor Adlai Stevenson. In these positions, Daley gained a keen understanding of government and a mastery of budgets and revenue sources. Not to mention the cardinal rule, “never repeat what you see or hear, or somebody might get indicted.”(Sullivan 92)
In 1955, Cook County Democratic party chairman Richard J. Daley, 53, won the Chicago mayoralty race and began a 21-year career as mayor of the second largest U.S. city. Daley, the archetypal city "Boss," served as mayor from 1955 to 1976. He was one of the last big city bosses, in one of the last big city machines. As a Democrat, Daley wielded a great deal of power in this largely Democratic city. He headed a powerful political “organization” that effectively dominated much of Chicago. He governed by the spoils system, and he delivered many local votes for Democratic presidential candidates. His support was often sought by state and national leaders, and was seen as a ticket to election. Daley gained national notoriety in 1968 when Chicago police brutally subdued demonstrators at the Democratic National Convention. It was later uncovered that Daley himself had ordered the police to behave in this manner. Daley was an important figure in the national Democratic Party as well, the case has been made that if not for

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