Essay about Research Design and Methodology

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It has been stated that “once you are clear about your research topic, you will be able to choose the most appropriate research strategy and data collection and analysis techniques” (Sanders et al, 2009: 20-21). This applies to the proposed research, as it is the “the logical sequence that connects the empirical data to a study’s initial research questions and, ultimately, to its conclusions” (Yin, 2009). A comprehensive research design includes strategies, choices and takes into account the time horizons. Extensive time and effort needs to be taken into account when creating a research design, as it has been described to be the glue that holds the components of the research project together. For this reason, it is vital that a detailed …show more content…
Moreover, since the topic is current and new, such an integrated approach allows more flexibility in tackling the objectives. Furthermore, the approach is appealing because it avoids futile debates between concepts of truth and reality (Tashakkori and Teddlie, 1998).
The researcher selected a hybrid approach, which is a combination of quantitative and qualitative data. By using this approach, one must bear in mind the appropriateness of the theory used. It is clear that the theory with which you are working will shape your conclusions, for this reason, the relevant theory needs to be carefully selected. In this case, the concept of the public choice theory with regards to the Palestinian Economic Initiative will be analysed. By using the hybrid approach, it allows the researcher to avoid the pitfalls of the inductive and deductive approach, which will be highlighted further in this research. Using a hybrid approach allows complementary data to be generated to answer the research question and objectives.
Methodology & Analysis
Secondary Data
It is useful to use secondary data, which is available information published that can be beneficial when tackling the research question. According to Saunders, secondary data is comprised of documentary (written and non written materials),

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