Religion Stifles Creativity, Self-expression and Individual Freedom

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In the midst of a diversified society, communities tend to hold individuals to many set standards and stereotypes. One may compare the poor man to the rich, the black woman to the white, and even in the United States of America, the Christian family to the Muslim. Despite the many unique characteristics individuals and communities have, it is the institution of religion that places strongholds on individuality thus harboring conformity. Religious communities expect their members to assume a certain shape, to fit a particular mold; restriction essentially diminishes individuality while accepting conformity. In the twenty-first century, a time period that encourages creativity and individuality, it is the very institution of …show more content…
When it comes to religion, the different religious groups promote conformity because of the fact that there is a group with a set belief and purpose where the members take the initial step toward fitting the particular religious mold. Despite the fact that members of religious groups have a common purpose or compilation of beliefs, not all individuals embrace complete and unwavering agreement on all matters. Membership to any religious group facilitates conformity simply on the basis of individuals surrounding other individuals with a common bond, whether it is something simple like attitude or more focused such as a conviction. While common views and beliefs create the foundation of a religious group, each group tends to sway its members into following its own particular beliefs regardless of individual thought. In addition to conformity by group membership, religion also promotes conformity by means of shunning individuality by the coercion of viewpoints. Individuals have the choice of whether or not to associate with a religious group; however, even though the membership implies a general compliance with the group’s purpose and beliefs, members may not always agree one hundred percent of the time. The particular religion sets forth to promote its mission, while denouncing an individual or different view or opinion. The group does not care what each individual thinks…it is more so the collective purpose that

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