Religion and Technology; Strange Bedfellows Essay example

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Religion and Technology: Strange Bedfellows

Since man crept forth from the sea, there have ever only been two things our race has sought; elevation and emulation. The elevation aspect is the ascension of our race as a whole; we came up from the muddy banks of nothing, and the last thing we wish is to return whence we came. The other part is emulation; we take what we consider better than us, and seek to replicate how they came about being in a status higher than us. We see birds, and how they fly; we develop flight. We see animals that can outrun and outmaneuver us; we use horses, chariots, and develop the automobile. England has never been the cradle of civilization, but always has it at least been a crowning jewel in the crown. The
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It seems confusing, but really, it's very plain in it's message; finding even a slight clue to a facet of science makes it far easier to understand the greater whole. However, what is there to do when there is no greater whole? That is a question far outside the boundaries of science, and deep into the murky depths of philosophy. The Big Bang Theory puts forth the idea that the great explosion that forced and fused life into existence will be ever ballooning outwards until it reaches the bridge where infinity meets, and it will eventually come back around, thus removing all it created. If one were to tread down the path of understanding where the catalyst of the explosion came from, is it not humanities way to emulate said explosion in a controlled environment and seem to recreate the creation? We would most definitely do so, and we are doing it already. The Large Hadron Collider straddling the borders of Switzerland and France seeks to do exactly that. “LHC - the aim of the exercise: To smash protons moving at 99.999999% of the speed of light into each other and so recreate conditions a fraction of a second after the big bang. The LHC experiments try and work out what happened.” This is a quote directly from the top of the web-site officially sanctioned by

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