Essay on Reading's Contributions to Clear Thinking

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When you hear someone being called a nerd, what do you think of, big glasses and braces, perhaps? What about their hobbies? Reading books and doing homework for fun? Well, it turns out that those “nerds” are on to something. Reading does, in fact, get you better grades. Just think about it, “While you read you’re building images, thoughts, and opinions… You’re using critical thinking and logic to process the information. Reading leads to… clear thinking.” (“Why Reading Makes”). But “clear thinking” alone isn’t going to save your grades, reading also helps in most, if not all, areas of learning. “All of us know the importance of a good workout to stay fit. The same thing is true with our brain. A study in Stanford University …show more content…
Knowledge leads to certainty, courage and conviction… and knowledge [is the] key to increasing the students’ confidence.” (“The Impact of”). Having a large vocabulary is one way to increase your self-assurance. When you read, your brain picks up words that look like jibberish and also the context clues of the word. Maybe you won’t know the meaning right off the bat, but there’s a chance that once you hear it in conversation it will click, while you combine the context clues from the book and your conversation. Vocabulary also leads to better communication skills, “Words nurture creativity, having more words at your disposal will make you a better communicator.” (“Why Reading Makes”). With better communication skills you will be able to express your feelings in the best way possible to help others understand you concerns or problems. With the confidence of knowing what is going on around you, you can answer and ask various questions in the best way possible and get the most out of the lesson. With school comes a lot of stress. You have to do homework on top of extracurricular activities and possibly balance it all with a part or full time job. It’s tough work and can leave you lost and confused. Reading is an extreme stress reliever. Your mind literally “checks out,” “a recent study showed that it only takes 6 minutes of reading to slow your heart rate and ease tension in your muscles. That same study states that this is ‘more than merely a distraction but

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