Purdue Energy Forum Essay

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Being amidst the wake of the technological revolution, we are faced with an ever increasing demand of energy resources on a worldwide scale, finding ourselves globally in an impending energy crisis. Industrialized nations, comprising the developed world, such as those of the United States of America and other European nations making up a mere 20% of the entire global populous, require close to about 53% of the global energy output, leaving the developing world with negligible resources to promote growth and development of their own. As remarked by Maria Trimarchi (2008), “Energy consumption is reportedly higher in countries where less than 5 percent of the population lives below the poverty line than it is in countries where most people …show more content…
By means of this paper, what I really aim on achieving is that being amidst this change, which in almost all aspects is a negative one, what we as individuals of this very society can do in order to reverse this effect, or any rate make it better than the present condition. By doing so, not only do we contribute to the growth of human society as a whole, but also promise our future generations a greener and better tomorrow, rather than devoiding them of resources that we find ourselves so heavily dependent on today.
Giving heed to the facts brought to light above, The Purdue Energy Forum is “A group of Boilermakers devoted to exploring scientifically and economically focused solutions to the energy demands around the planet.” They make a point of reaching out to the rest of the Purdue student body and Midwestern community to explain why the impending energy crisis, despite being overlooked by many, is the greatest challenge of our time. In order to acquaint you, the reader, with what is required towards this front, following are the projects that the Purdue Energy Forum have undertaken, to strive toward a greener and better tomorrow, for both the present generation and the future generations to come.
One of the first projects undertaken by them was the “Green Event” at Norridge, Illinois. Purdue Energy Forum sent three members to

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