Domitian Palace Essay

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One of the most interesting monuments found in the city of Rome is Domitian’s Palace.The place lies south west of Nero’s Palace, Domus Aurea, and west of the river Tiber. Emperor Titus Flavius Domitian ruled from 81 C.E. to 96 C.E. (MacDonald). His father was Titus Flavius Caesar Vespasianus Augustus, he was also greatly interested in architecture though was more interested in military. After years of living in Nero’s Palace, Domitian built a new one and let Domus Aurea be open to the public. Domitian’s Palace became the permanent residence of all the emperors after him (MacDonald). Built by the Roman architect Rabirius, the palace is split into three parts Domus Flavia (the public portion), Domus Augustana (the private portion), and the garden/stadium the palace was completed in 92 C.E. (MacDonald). Due to the palaces great importance it has been relatively undisturbed over the centuries.
The palace housed many emperors after Domitian as well as their possessions, there still remain rooms of unknown use, as well as sculptures that have not been studied (MacDonald). This shows how important the palace is to the people of Italy. Though why was the palace considered so important through the ages? The palace was so important because after the death of Nero the
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The palace was so important because after the death of Nero the roman empire was in shambles due to Nero’s poor governing style, the palace represented more of a connection to Rome and its citizens. Domus Flavia is a symbol of change since Nero. Domus Flavia was instrumental in gaining back the trust of the roman people. Domus Flavia was the public portion of Domitian’s Palace. Domus Flavia contained many rooms available to the public such as the Aula Regia, Basilica, and Triclinium. It is important to have rooms that are available to the public, because it shows that the emperor wants to see the people, and enjoys meeting the people he rules

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