Public Relations and Twitter Essay

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Twitter has grabbed attention of a variety of professions from sports analysts to business executives. Twitter can be used to share information, provide advice, and promote events. The multiple ways Twitter is used is very similar to the duties of a public relations professional. Although Twitter is used to supplement the tools that are already available for PR professionals, twitter is a great way to accommodate practices exorcised during the proactive stage of the conflict management life cycle. Many PR professional and agencies have started to merge Twitter in everyday practice. In particular, Landis Communication, Simply Zesty, and Bill Stoller have taken advantage of Twitter to further their work in the public relations field. While …show more content…
(Wilcox, 50, 2014). Landis Communication operates twitter as a tool for environmental scanning to publish posts more towards postulation of detecting early signs, for opportunities than threats. Their twitter account spreads information to help themselves and the general population of San Francisco. For example, they tweeted “According to @SFChronical , healthcare - not tourism - is now #1 industry in #SF: #business.” This is practical for understanding how San Francisco’s market is evolving. If one of their clients was having trouble with attracting buy because San Francisco is a very touristy PR professionals could use the information when developing a PR campaign. Simply Zesty, which deals with online PR and social media, is the second Twitter account that I followed. The reason I chose to follow Simply Zesty is because they are a European agency that is unique because they primarily focus their public relations knowledge towards online expansion. The trends I saw in Simply Zesty’s twitter account was a lot of social media content from news to apps. They also shared information on new and effective marketing schemes used by companies in their PR campaigns. However, one thing that stuck out more than anything else is their documentation of the news between Facebook and Google +. When Google + first launched Facebook had to combat with the new Google + was offering. Simply Zesty’s Twitter

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