Relationship Between Journalism And Public Relations

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There is no question that the relationship between journalists and public relation practitioners is not only vital but also stands as a highly complex relationship. Whether each side wants to agree or not, journalists and public relations need to be linked in today’s modern world in order to produce news. The mutual relationship between journalists and public relations practitioners is more relevant and important now more than ever. The way in which we can access news is no longer just through the television or newspaper. We can now find out the events of the day at the push of a button through online news sites or even social media. The demand for fast and efficient news reporting has given public relations are new role on how to work with …show more content…
This mentality not only shows unprofessionalism but is also just one of many examples where the fault lies within a lack understanding the needs/responsibilities of a journalist or public relations practitioner. Each have a job that they are expected to complete with the best possible outcome which could mean the outcome will not be able to fit and work with their opposite profession. Unable to get what they wanted frustration builds and creates a mistrust that could cloud their judgement on future proposal leading a relationship to destruction. It comes to a point where journalists and PR people would rather work against each other and pass blame than attempt to come together. From a journalists perspective the major flaw with PR practitioners seems to arise from a lack of understanding the media environment, its pressures and it autonomy (L’Etang 2008, 120). Whereas from a PR perspective the issue of journalists is based around their motives and inability to understand that PR is about a level of control that cannot be avoided. By following these views it shows a close minded approach from both professions and leaves very little room for a functioning relationship to actually …show more content…
Not every journalist is good and not every journalist has integrity. What journalists need to break is the stereotypical notion that PR is bad and that they get in the way and therefore don’t want to acknowledge their presence. Journalists cannot afford to cast a glaze of obnoxiousness over PR outreach as a new profession that has no place in the media. Unlike Public Relations, journalism is a profession that is individualistic with a main goal to inform the public. But if they haven’t been given access to what they wanted, journalism integrity has been seen to go out the window and a personal vendetta has been issued against that specific PR person. Four Corners Supervisor Producer Mark Bannerman has been worked both sides of journalism and PR and acknowledges that journalists won’t always get their way as he has found out over his 30 years of experience. “When stupid things are done, it sours the relationship. PR people per say are not at fault for needing to ask the questions of what is best for their client and making tough decisions. As a journalist am I annoyed that I got picked over someone else for that story? Yes I am but do I have a right to be? No I don’t because that’s life.” If journalists cannot acknowledge or understand that a PRs job is to protect their client from unwanted attention, it makes it hard for the PR person to create a working relationship with journalists, especially if the

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