Psych of Golf Essay

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Psych of Golf

     I recently received a packet of information from a friend who is a former professional golfer. He gave me a packet on the psychology of teaching and playing golf. The packet is written by Rick Jensen Ph.D. from Boca Raton, Florida. Dr. Jensen is the President of the Performance Enhancement Center located in Boca Raton, Florida; he is also a nationally recognized sport psychologist. Dr. Jensen also is the Director of Sport Psychology at PGA National Resort and Spa, where he works extensively with the top touring professionals on the PGA tour, Senior PGA, and LPGA tour.
The first article that I have read by Dr. Jensen was “Lay the groundwork for success” this
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Then Dr. Jensen went on to say “Obviously, a player’s score is likely to be around his or her scoring average,” but keep in mind a player has a 50% chance of shooting above his/her scoring average and a 50% chance of shooting below his/her scoring average.
Having a realistic perspective as to how much control one has over the performance on any given day can be a wonderful mental benefit during competition. Although players can not directly dictate their end result score on any given day, though they can and should attempt to control certain variables that will influence their final score. We refer to these variables as “critical success factors” as Dr. Jensen calls them. The three critical factors include: 1) Talent, 2) Interference, and 3) Luck.
Talent can be defined as the sum total of a player’s physical, strategic, and technical golf skills. Although one’s golf performance on any given day can not be ultimately controlled, by the quality of a player’s training program. A player’s training program may include a range of multidisciplinary areas including golf instruction, practice, fitness, nutrition, and course management. These areas combine to form a player’s golf talent which accounts for is or her capacity to execute golf specific skills and respond to the physical demands of

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